One of the first decisions we made when we started our new firm was to hire Holly Taylor to do our logo and branding, and it is a decision that served us well. Holly was able to work within our our exacting time frames and provide us with a branding system that represents us and our business perfectly. And, Holly did all of this without ever meeting us in person. We could not have been more impressed or satisfied.
— Mike Gibbons & Tricia Workman, owners of GibbonsWorkman
I knew I needed to consider rebranding when I reached my second year of business as a wedding photographer. Up until then, I was using a simple logo I created in photoshop. I spoke with a few graphic designers, and none of them understood what I wanted in a photography logo (clean, professional, distinct). Then, my cousin, who is an attorney, handed me her business card for her new practice, and I loved it! How often do you love an attorney’s business card? Of course, it was designed by Holly, and I contacted her immediately.

Holly was amazing to work with from the start. Upon my initial inquiry, she responded promptly to all emails and submitted a detailed quote for all of the work. Once I decided to move forward, we set up a phone call. She interviewed me thoroughly, asking me questions about my business, color preferences, and overall vision for rebranding. I was impressed. Within two weeks, she sent me three different concepts, and three variations of those three concepts. I loved all of the logos. Oftentimes, when I work with a designer, they submit rough drafts the first round that often have design flaws. Not Holly! All nine designs were impeccable, clean, and ready to go! One design stood out in particular, and it happened to be her favorite as well! It was so beautifully done, I didn’t even have any revisions. I’m a perfectionist, so that was certainly a first!

Holly Taylor is incredibly talented as a designer and business professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking to rebrand or enhance their current branding.
— Erin Stubblefield, owner of Erin Stubblefield Weddings & Portraiture